As stated by the law nº 13 bis /2009 of 16/06/2009 determining the responsibilities, structure and functioning of the Chancellery for Heroes, National Orders and Decorations of Honor a Hero is any person who pursues objectives he / she undertakes to obtain a special achievement for the public interest and with high proven integrity, sacrifice and noble courage in his / her acts and who avoids being a coward in his / her actions in very trying situations

To be classified as a National Hero in Rwanda, a person shall meet the following criteria:

1.      Proven integrity : To show a sense of courage, to support positive action, to point out negative actions and dare to fight it with full knowledge of its likely risks;

2.      Patriotism : To promote the Country’s sovereignty, development, national pride as well as unity among its inhabitants;

3.      Sacrifice : Denial of personal interests, defense of public interests and, where necessary, sacrifice of one’ s life;

4.      Vision: To be visionary and to understand truth that is not open for all;

5.      Proven courage or bravery : To be famous for one’s acts of bravery known to and appreciated by many people;

6.      To serve as an example: to be famous for one’s outstanding achievements which serve as a good example for others ;

7.      Truthfulness : To be characterized by truth and to defend it without fear of suffering because of it;

8.      Magnanimity : To demonstrate good manners in one’s behavior, relations and interactions

 9.      Humanity: To be characterized by love for others instead of being materialistic. 

Determination of categories of heroes also base on the following criteria:

1° supreme sacrifice: devoting oneself and forgetting his/ her own interests to defend public and national interests and, if need arises, sacrificing his / her own life.

2° importance demonstrated by the hero: Outstanding importance shall be demonstrated in an action to create the nation or to save it from exhaustion and other acts that positively improve the welfare of all Rwandans in a durable manner. High importance shall be demonstrated in an action that promotes the social welfare and knowledge and changes positively the global vision of all Rwandan citizens. Great importance shall be demonstrated in an action that brings significant improvements in the welfare of a large number of Rwandan citizens.

3° example demonstrated by the hero: An outstanding example is an act that all Rwandans of all generations shall consider to be their best example. A high example is an act that the majority of Rwandans of all generations shall consider to be their best example.